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Key Logic is a software development company. Our skilled, passionate, and diverse team creates software solutions for desktop, mobile, web, embedded and virtual and augmented reality applications.


Key Logic designs elegant and robust software solutions for a variety of applications and environments.

3D Applications

Visualization helps make sense of complex data. In the world of mining, for example, 3D displays of mine geometry are critical in making important decisions. Key Logic was originally founded as a 3D software development company and continues to make 3D software with benefits that are easy to see.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The latest developments in head-mounted technology have opened a whole new virtual world of opportunity. Our tailored software can create the virtual experience that will transform your business.

Embedded Systems

Mission critical tasks require dedicated computing hardware and precisely written software. Key Logic has a track record of delivering robust solutions through rigorous development practices and hands-on involvement with industrial systems.


Get into the hands of your clients with a mobile app developed for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.


Key Logic develops custom web apps that make you faster, more efficient and easily accessible from any device with a browser.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Explore, interact and engage in an immersive environment with virtual & augmented reality. The latest developments in head-mounted technology have opened up a new virtual world of opportunity. Our custom software solutions can create the virtual experience that will transform your business.


Key Logic has played a critical role in the development and commercialization of products for a number of clients.

TesMan Inc.

TesMan Inc. specializes in solving development and production challenges in underground mining using unique methods and technologies developed in-house. Their products have been used to reduce development and maintenance costs, and to make mining safer. TesMan’s intelligent electromechanical systems require performance, reliability, and maintainability in the software that drives them. Key Logic has been able to deliver software that meets these requirements through technical understanding, on-site presence, and side-by-side support from prototype to final underground implementation.

“We initially approached Key Logic as an additional software development resource over 7 years ago. Dean became integrated into our team and understood the challenges we needed to solve, including the importance of confidentiality around the patented nature of the research and development work. He has provided software for the user-consoles, complex algorithms, and embedded systems that make up our products all while becoming familiar with elements of our electrical and mechanical systems. As a dependable, skilled, and experienced software team, Key Logic has been an important resource for my company in helping our team consistently delivering innovative mining solutions.”

Rod Steele — President

Minewise Inc.

Minewise provides mines with survey and inspection services and products that helps them gather the intelligence that they need to make proper decisions. With their rich background they know the right approach and have the right tools to get the job done. Through years of building and using their own custom hardware, they have developed a uniquely versatile and innovative product line. Minewise came to Key Logic in search of a custom software suite that could help them advance their products and maximize the value of the information they deliver. Key Logic has helped Minewise bring their ideas to life by delivering the unique software that met their design and technical requirements.

“Working with the staff at Key Logic has allowed us to rethink our approach to product development and pursue technological advancements that were previously out of reach for our business. Through our tight collaboration we have been able to develop advanced hardware in concert with sophisticated software which has produced professional solutions for the mining sector. We look forward to continued work with their team and are excited to see what the future holds.”

James Henderson — General Manager

GeoSight Inc.

GeoSight is a mine technology company with offices around the world. Their cost-saving products have a reputation for being effective, rugged, well-supported, and easy to use. When GeoSight first started research and development for their first product, they reached out to Key Logic to build the software that would talk to their hardware and provide a user-friendly interface. Key Logic collaborated closely with the GeoSight team to develop the software and a communication protocol that just worked the first time the hardware was connected. As GeoSight continued to improve or develop new products, Key Logic was able to understand the technical requirements and provide on-site presence when needed to make sure the proper software solution was delivered.

“Key Logic Software developed GeoSight software. Our users constantly compliment how intuitive and easy our software is to use. Key Logic brings a great depth of practical field experience to each solution. Many times we have been stuck and Key Logic has offered ‘out of the box’ solutions. We are very satisfied with Key Logic and will continue our strong relationship.”

John Lupton — President

The KORE Project

The KORE Project is a startup company that used industry experience and a creative approach to design a world class system that revolutionizes how companies manage their most important asset – their people. Having meticulously thought-out and planned every function, The KORE Project sought out Key Logic to bring their product to life in the form of a web application. Working directly with the KORE design team, Key Logic gained a thorough understanding of the product goals and was able to meet specification and deliver in a short time-frame. The result was a well-designed, scalable, and functional release of their first product that can continue to grow with The KORE Project.

“Our experience with Dean and his team at Key Logic has not only been great but critical to the launch of our product.”

Andre Lapierre — CEO


Flosonics is developing the world’s first ultrasound system on a wearable to improve the management of critically ill patients.  Flosonics relied heavily on Key Logic for their understanding of technical requirements and for rapid development of the software that would collect and process data. The software solution was able to grow and adapt through product development so that Flosonics could use it to test and learn from prototype to final design.

“In addition to incredible technical proficiency, Dean and his team were extremely responsive, collaborative, and a true pleasure to work with. They always took the time to understand our needs and work with us to ensure our success. The entire team was very pleasant to work with and delivered quality work on-time and within budget.”

Andrew Eibl — Director of Operations & Co-Founder


Verv is a biotech startup that has developed a revolutionary diagnostic tool that can replace expensive equipment and lengthy processes, and enable testing anywhere. The product takes advantage of readily available smart-phone technology by pairing it with Verv’s patented technology to analyze blood samples. Verv came to Key Logic to develop the application that would use the modern smart-phone camera to monitor and measure biochemical reactions and gather and present data through a user-friendly interface. The result was a working demonstration that made it easy to show off the potential of Verv’s game-changing invention.

“I have more than 30 years experience in IT, including software development, and many times I have walked out a room knowing that the software development people had no understanding of what was needed or how real people use software. This was not the case with Key Logic; they took extra effort in understanding what we needed and identifying requirements. Then they quoted appropriately and delivered on time – including the last minute changes that always occur in new products. Professional and capable.”

Jeff Sutton — President


We Have A Passion For Great Code

Since 2009, Key Logic has specialized in the collection, processing and visualization of 3D data for various industries including mining, engineering and healthcare.

Known for our extensive research, mathematical algorithm design, disciplined coding, and streamlined project management process, we pride ourselves on delivering custom software solutions to make your business better, faster and smarter.

Key Logic assesses technical and operational challenges, analyzes existing infrastructure, and provides practical software solutions to streamline your operations and overcome business challenges.

Our Team

Dean Lupini

Dean is an experienced software developer who is passionate about designing elegant software systems to solve industry challenges. With about 10 years of experience, he has focused in 3D graphics, database systems, algorithm design, and ground-up software system development. Dean acquired a Math degree at Waterloo, a Master of Applied Science in software from Laurentian, and work experience both locally and abroad before founding a software company of his own in Sudbury. Through this company he continues to design, develop and manage commercialized products to address real challenges with valued solutions.

Key Logic has gained a reputation for embracing field work. When a project calls for hands-on inspection or testing at client facilities, our team is dispatched and placed on-site.

We believe that our attention to detail, high standards of programming, and commitment to solving complex issues, combined with our intimate business approach, are what makes Key Logic better.

Key Logic is located in a thriving creative and tech hub in Sudbury, Ontario’s Downtown core.

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